Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Post Election

I am deeply disappointed and saddened because it seems the majority of Americans voted for a guy whose only credentials are that he walks around like a sheriff and talks with a homey accent.

My one vote in opposition wasn’t enough to stop it.

The Republicans carpet-bombed political discourse in this country to get Mr. Bush back in office, and the press did next to nothing to hold Mr. Bush and the Republicans accountable for their distortions.

This Administration doesn’t have a clue, and the number of ways it doesn’t have a clue is frightening.

I only hope that the terrorists don’t smuggle something into the country in a non-inspected container. Remember, 95% of containers are not inspected....

I only hope that Mr. Bush’s deficit doesn’t hurt our country in ways that we’ll be paying for for years to come....

I only hope that some of the people who are unemployed in this country can find a job at a place other than Wal-Mart....

I only hope that some of the millions of people who lost their health insurance coverage can get it back in some way...or avoid getting sick in the meantime....

I only hope the Administration can do something about North Korea and Iran....

I can only hope that the Administration can do something about these things cause they haven’t cared to do much about them for the last 4 years.

What’s most saddening is that that apparently doesn’t matter to 53 million Americans. What matters is Mr. Bush’s empty rhetoric and posing.

And the result is that we get another four years of blinding incompetence.

The problem is that America will have to pay the price for that incompetence sooner or later.

But there’s nothing I can do about it now.

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