Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Write-In Republicans

I was thinking about this story of late.

It reads in part:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Sen. Lincoln Chafee (news, bio, voting record), a Republican moderate from Rhode Island, said on Monday he might not vote for President Bush (news - web sites) in the Nov. 2 election.

Ok. Fair enough. There are grown-up Republicans who don't like what Mr. Bush is doing.

But the next paragraph adds a certain twist:

Chafee stressed, however, that he has no plans to bolt his party, and that if he does not back Bush he will write in the name of another Republican.

What it points out is that clearly there are Republicans out there who would rather drink glue than vote for Mr. Bush.

Find and dandy. I came to that conclusion a long time ago and I welcome them to the club.

However, on a serious note, this could be an important factor in this election in that it could syphon votes away from Mr. Bush...and while not giving them to Mr. Kerry, I think we can agree that any vote not for Mr. Bush is good.

It could be the left's version of the Ralph Nader factor.

Thing is, these folks either have not been positively swayed into voting for Mr. Kerry by his campaign rhetoric, or voting for a Democrat is prevented by partisan allergies....

So, I hit upon an idea. I have created a wedge group I call the Write-In Republicans.

Blogs need to spread the's ok not to support Mr. Bush, his failed policies, and his incompetent Administration.

If you're a Republican and the thought of voting for Mr. Bush causes you to question your own sanity, and if, for some reason, you just can't bring yourself to vote for a Democrat, well, the Write-In a Republican name you do like!

For example, write in John McCain's name...everyone likes John McCain!

Or Colin Powell, he might still have some shred of reputation left. Maybe.

Write-in someone...anyone.

Anyone other than George W. Bush.

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