Thursday, September 02, 2004


The Republican National Convention

So, here’s how I see the Republican National Convention going up to this point...

  1. Wrap yourself as tight as you can in the memory of 9/11. In fact, hold your convention in New York just days before the 3rd anniversary of those attacks.

    No one will notice or think it’s crass or inappropriate or anything.

    And if someone asks what about how to fund education, remind them that everything changed that day in 2001 and that George W. Bush is a war president who makes decisions.

  2. Say you’re going to be optimistic and then don’t be...use the old tried and true bait and switch tactic. You’re getting good at it.

    In fact, be downright angry at the podium.

    Wild-eyed is even better!

    Republicans need learn how to embrace their inner John Kerry hatred. How dare he challenge Mr. Bush in this election?!?!

  3. Attack John Kerry.

    Attack, attack, attack.

    Only wimps run on their record.

  4. Avoid discussing policy.

    In fact, avoid even the slightest hint of policy discussion. If someone asks about an actual policy, remind the questioner of 9/11 and the president’s steely resolve.

Jazzy, Give up your day job. Your predictons were wrong. Leave fortune telling to the professionals like Ms. Cleo.

Your Friend,
your president is also a matter to latinamerica because asyou know they are alwais in an eternal intervention with us , thats why i preferes that kerry wins unstead the assasin bush
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