Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Mr. Bush, Advocating Retreat And Defeat In The Face Of Terror

Nick Confessore at The American Prospect Online makes note of Mr. Bush and his campaign's inconsistencies.

Mr. Bush said that John Kerry's plan for Iraq was "...exactly what we're currently doing."

Except, of course, for the part about being incompetent fools.


Steve Schmidt, Bush-Cheney '04 Spokesman, writes this about Mr. Kerry's position on the Bush-Cheney '04 website:

John Kerry's latest position on Iraq is to advocate retreat and defeat in the face of terror.

As a result, it is clear that Mr. Bush's Iraq policy, since it is the same policy advocated by John Kerry, is one of retreat and defeat in the face of terror.

If they said it...it must be true. Because we know, that to question the Bush Administration is to be unpatriotic.

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