Thursday, July 29, 2004


Yeah, The Not-So-Liberal Media Is At It Again

Jeffrey Dubner over at the The American Prospect's convention blog has something to say about the CNN coverage after the John Edwards speech.

CNN, 10:54-11:02 P.M.: Now, we could talk about John Edwards’ speech -- or, as CNN chose to do, we could immediately give the floor to the Bush campaign. First comment after the speech? Jeff Greenfield discussing Cheney’s speech at the 2000 RNC. First commentator? Ralph Reed, former director of the Christian Coalition and Bush-Cheney southeast regional director. Second commentator? Victoria Clarke, campaign press secretary for George H.W. Bush -- oh, but Torie can’t be reached, so let’s go back to Ralph Reed! Eight virtually uninterrupted -- and entirely unchallenged -- minutes devoted to Bush-Cheney talking points.

Nothing like this will be done during the RNC -- anybody interested in putting money on that can email Eight minutes of Max Cleland after Dick Cheney’s speech? I didn’t think so.*

I watched some of this...I was rather upset by it too.

*Small changes made to formating.

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