Friday, June 11, 2004


The 'We Can Do Whatever We Want To Do' Administration

I was wondering, while reading about John Ashcroft flat out saying he wasn't going to turn over the Torture Memo, because, well because he just didn't want to, where in the Constitution that is a justification to defy Congress?

I was also reading about how Mr. Bush is jumping through legalistic hoops to say what torture is, or we legally do what we legally can do...and I was thinking about how these folks were all over Mr. Clinton when he legalistically parsed the meaning of "is".

I can almost hear Mr. Bush saying, 'that depends on what the meaning of torture is' and the chorus of his supporter saying it’s just fine because he’s a War President™.

But Bill Clinton using lawyerly legalistic language to defend himself against spurious charges not only indicates that he is a liar, but also ingles the downfall of society. Mr. Bush parsing means and application of torture Is just fine.

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