Friday, June 18, 2004


Thing Is, Mr. Bush Apparently Never Feels Embarrassment

Kevin Drum has some interesting thoughts on Mr. Bush and Abu Zarqawi.

If I were Bush I'd be embarrassed to mention his name.


He of course continues:

Would it have killed the press corps to follow up on Bush's answer? I'm thinking of something like this:

Mr. President, if Zarqawi really was the linchpin of Saddam's connection to al-Qaeda, why did you refuse three separate times to approve military plans to take out his camp?

Or, of course, they could have tried the more obvious followup and asked Bush why he continues to flog the Zarqawi connection when it's well known that Zarqawi's camp was in Kurdish territory in northern Iraq, territory that was part of the northern no-fly zone and outside of Saddam's control.

Instead, there was no followup at all. Nothing. You see, it was time for lunch.

Our feckless media, which has apparently developed a pathological fear of being called liberal or unpatriotic by the right-wing noise machine, has pretty much given up their role in holding this administration to account for the things they say and do.

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