Friday, June 25, 2004


Something For Your Outside The Bubble Pleasure

With apologies to Harry Shearer for borrowing his phrase.

I guess it takes an Irish reporter to get in the face of Mr. Bush, ask him the tough questions, and not back down when he gives evasive answers.

It's interesting to see Mr. Bush get testy when the interviewer does not follow the lap-dog way of American reporters.

He keeps giving stock answers and when the reporter tries to follow-up, he stops her and tells her to let him finish.

It's a classic.

It appears you'll have to cut and paste it into the address box to watch.

On a related note, while watching some of former President Clinton's interview on Larry King, I turned to someone and mentioned that I wished that the current resident of the White House could extemporize as well as Mr. Clinton when answering Mr. King’s wide-ranging questions.

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