Sunday, June 27, 2004


More On The Interview

Here is the transcript of the interview.

His arguments are just so pathetic.


Interviewer - Mr. President, the Irish people are upset about the death toll in Iraq.

Answer - Americans are a compassionate people.


Interviewer - Mr. President, you didn't find any WMD?

Answer - We found that Saddam Hussein had a capacity for him to make a weapon. Did I mention Saddam was a bad man?


Interviewer - Mr. President, the world is more dangerous today post-Iraq invasion tan before.

Answer - Don't you remember September 11, 2001? I needed to work that in there somewhere. And other post Iraq invasion bombings around the world have nothing to do with what I did in Iraq. Nothing at all.


Interviewer - Mr. President, are you satisfied with the level of support you're getting from Europe? We both know no one other than Tony Blair supported you.

Totally Delusional Answer - Most of Europe supported the decision to invade Iraq. Except the French. You’re talking about the French aren’t you?


Interviewer - Mr. President, doesn't a solution to the to the Middle East mean doing something to solve the Israeli-Palestinian crisis and shouldn't you be doing something about it?

Totally Delusional Answer - There's a democracy in Turkey. And an emerging in Afghanistan. And a democracy in Pakistan. Democracy can emerge in the Palestinian state.

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