Monday, May 17, 2004


Mr. Powell

I think what we’re seeing now as regards Mr. Powell is an attempt to tidy up his reputation.

I read something once, I can’t remember where, about how Mr. Bush gets other people to fall on the sword for him. In essence, he gets other people to do things that may come back later to ruin a reputation, so he doesn’t have to.

Mr. Powell, long in the military, may or may not have been doing the “I’m a good soldier doing the bidding of the president” routine, but his reputation has been muddied by his association with, and doing the work of, the Bush administration.

It’s been said that if he truly believed he as being taken advantage of, or that he was knowingly doing things for the administration that were wrong, he should have resigned some time ago rather than just go along with the program.

Who knows.

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