Sunday, May 09, 2004


Inaugural Post – Whoopee!

It seems like I should say something interesting in the first post. Rather than, say, posting something about how bad political discourse has become, or some such, I should post about my ideology and beliefs.


The political discourse in the United States continues to spiral downward at a rate that is sure to land us back in the time where political adversaries opened up their own newspapers. Partisan scandal sheets created to:

1) Disseminate the political agenda of their founders;
2) Tear apart the other side with slander and innuendo;
3) Propagandize far and wide.

Yup, we will be heading back in that direction any day now.

Oh, wait.

Only difference now is, we have television.

Ain’t politics fun.

At any rate, the purpose of this blog, other than to find something to name after my cat, Billie, is to waste time by writing about politics, culture, and the myriad of things that these rather overarching categories encompass.

Like jazz. I love jazz.

And politics. I hate politics...but I love politics. It’s a contact sport in the United States.

And my cat. I love my cat. Even though we have three, two came with my wife and Socks, the male is so her cat it's not even funny. Chole is just kinda nuts, but we love her. Billie on the other hand, it our cat. She may play a large role in this new blog.

So, if you catch the tone already, it’s going to be rather free-wheeling and loose around here. My sense of humor and what I find important / interesting is wide-ranging.

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